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What is the Pumkin Online English language learning course?

Pumkin Online English is an online English language learning service for children aged 3-10. Pumkin Online English is a complete English learning course that enables children to master all the key English skills.

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What English language does Pumkin Online English teach children?

Pumkin Online English teaches children the most essential basic English language, covering over 500 words and sentences including English vocabulary for colors, numbers, body parts, the alphabet and basic sentence and question and answer structure.

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Why is the Pumkin Online English language learning course so effective?

Pumkin Online English teaches children English effectively because it follows a classroom-tested English language teaching methodology, which includes three steps of English language learning: Presentation, Practice and Production of new English vocabulary and grammar.

Pumkin Online English delivers these English language learning steps in an entertaining way, using cartoons, games, videos, songs and activities to make learning new English language fun for children.

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What happens if I am not satisfied with Pumkin Online English?

We are so confident that you and your child will be satisfied with Pumkin Online English that we offer all our customers a no questions asked, full refund guarantee for 30 days from the date of purchase. Simply contact us with your details within this period and we will give you your money back.

Can my child review classes on Pumkin Online English?

Your child can review our Pumkin Online English classes as much as he or she wants to. Review is a vital part of English language learning, and our English learning materials are so entertaining that children review our English cartoons, games and activities for pleasure, deepening their learning.

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Can children older than ten use Pumkin Online English?

Pumkin Online English is designed for children who are beginners of English language study. However, any students who need to practice the basics of English, or who find English boring or difficult, can benefit from using Pumkin Online English as a supplement to their English language education.

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